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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, not literally, But it is homemade lemonade, and we are out in the country!! When you have a OLD fold out eating tray, an ice chest and a 4-wheeler... well, lets just say that it doesn't get more country than that!!

Bailee and her friends had the best time today setting up a lemonade stand. I was very proud of them. They made their own sign and made their own lemonade. I did not help out a bit!

I was with them, But I also watched from across the street.

Just within 5 minutes of setting up, they had their 1st customer, they were soo excited!

So excited that Bailee Grace and Mary Grace did their special little handshake!!

The girls 1st dollar they earned!

People just kept stopping by Even people who were hard at work and they just needed a cool refreshment.

These guys LOVED the kids lemonade!!

Mary Grace and Ashley decided to go wave the sign down the street to get others attention

Caiden even joined in!

I cannot tell you how many cars stopped but it was a lot!

The girls sold out of the first batch and came back to the house to make more!! That is UNREAL!!

The kids looking at ALL the money they made!! They ended up making 21 dollars and 50 cents, not bad!!!!

The kids had soo much fun doing this, they ended up selling out a second time, but I thought they had sold enough!! What a day they had. We came home and divided the money and they cannot wait to do it again!!

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