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Sunday, July 26, 2009


We had so much fun at this amusement park. After a long and fun day at the water park, we went back and rode a lot of fun roller coaster rides!

The kids and I rode so many rides, I was so surprised that they rode the best ,funnest, and most bizarre rides! For sure Caiden, he rode the best rides with me!
Caiden and I rode this awesome roller coaster ride called the ragin cajun! We did so many flips, forwards and backwards. It was a BLAST!!

Caiden enjoyed this ride and so did I!! We were going to fast, you can tell by my hair!

Jerry and Caiden took some time to play some games, they played a couple games of basketball.

Bailee and her new friend Laurin rode a lot of rides together.
They loved these swings.

The kids rode a lot of rides together

I could not believe they were holding up their hands like this!!

Caiden and Bailee rode this cool roller coaster ride.
They also ride the spider, they loved this ride also

My friend Amy and I rode this pirate ride with the kids!

OK, this was the BEST ride there. It was a straight down path going 80 mph. I told Caiden that I was not going to do it, but I ended up doing it with him!

Caiden LOVED it, and so did I!! It was AWESOME!!

This ride was also fun for the kids. We rode it aleast twice, well I did then they rode it again for the 3rd time!

Jerry did not ride many rides, rollercoasters are not his thing, but he did ride the bumper cars with the kids!

We has so much fun here. We arrived at the waterpark at 10 am and left the amusement park at 10 pm, when it closed so we for sure got our money's worth!!!

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