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Friday, August 22, 2008


I decided that Friday's were going to be the times that I would eat lunch with the kids. The kids were excited about me coming today. They said that they were going to tell thier teachers that I was coming today, and to make sure that there would be room for me at the table. How sweet!
I got thier a little early, Caiden eats at 12:40, as were Bailee eats at 1:00. That seemed odd to me, for The youngest grades go first, but for reasons of so many kids this year, they have split them up!
I met Caiden coming down the hall, and to my surprise, he came and have me a big hug. I had already pre-paid my lunch, so I could go in the line with them, and sit down when they do. We had a great lunch, and I got to visit with their friends.
I listened to boys talk about girls, and I listened to girls talk about make-up and clothes! Bailee had made 2 more friends today, and they are so sweet! She has already invited them over play! I told her to wait a little while, lets get back to our routine, THEN, we can have play time!
I really enjoyed the day. I got to visit a good bit with Bailee's teacher. After Bailee's class left, She and I remained in the cafeteria, and talked about things. Before we knew it, the cleaning lady was waiting to clean the LAST table, which we were seated at!

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