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Friday, August 22, 2008


ULM Football Schedule

It's that time again, the time for ULM Football! Our family has so many memories of tail gating. Pappaw and MiMi would have the huge singing bus parked with lots and lots of chairs set out. Pappaw would have own his ULM apron cooking chicken and sausage on the stick. Caiden would find other little boys in the area and play football with them. Bailee has her pom poms and saying her little cheers. There were many times we would all line up watching the band and cheerleaders walk in a procession. There would be face painting and all kinds of little activities for the kids to do. Space walks were always there and the kids loved them! My children love and always look forward to it. I just hope Jerry is home soon so he can enjoy it to.

Pappaw Larry to Caiden and his cousins to the ULM Warhawk Fan weekend. The kids got to go on the field, meet the players, go in the locker room, they got autographs and Caiden got his football signed. He has so much fun! Thanks Pappaw for a great time!

Proud of his ULM attire! And his autographed football


The theme for this certain tail gate was military day!

Going to war? I don't think so!

Go tribe Go!

I miss the Indian!

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